What Melissa will work to deliver

  • Fair market salaries paid to all of our valued teachers and support staff 
  • Enhanced District Scorecard with measurable benchmarks that focus on student success
  • More opportunities for students to take advanced math and science classes
  • A new “Citizen Accountability Report” informing the community about how tax dollars are spent
  • Tools and support for every family to develop a 4-year and beyond plan for their students prior to starting high school

Encourage Students to Reach Higher

  • Strengthen our culture of excellence It’s time to take it to the next level!  To inspire our students to reach higher, we must provide them with the tools needed to reach their full potential.  By fostering a culture of learning that both celebrates successes and provides support for challenges along the way,  we will improve student outcomes across our schools. 
  • Support and encourage every student Improving student outcomes requires collaboration between parents, students  and educators.  If we work together, we can more easily identify the barriers that are holding some students back. We can then work to remove these barriers by providing extra support, such as tutoring, to those students who need more help.  
  • Prepare every student Individual success requires early planning  for all students regardless of their goals: 4-year, 2-year or technical college, military or entering the workforce. I strongly support the High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) which is currently required by the WA State Board of Education as students enter the 9th grade.  

Data Driven Discussions and Decisions

  • Data driven decisions Our families should be confident that the school board and administration are consistently using and relying upon data driven presentations, discussions and decisions.  
  • Fiduciary responsibility and accountability  More than half of our property taxes go to local schools. The voters recently approved a $244M bond. We expect and deserve to know how our money is spent.  
  • Enhanced scorecard It is the responsibility and duty of school board members to develop, use and monitor the metrics that truly evaluate student successes, opportunities and outcomes.